Committed to Your Health

Founded in 2018, Caspia Health includes a team of two highly skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring the ability to access and own one's health information. We aim to maximize the potential of digital health data for each individual in order to build a more health-focused community, while still maintaining each person's privacy and data security. 


Nupur Garg, MD

•Emergency Medicine Physician

•Residency from Mount Sinai in NYC

•MD from Yale Medical School

•Dual bachelor's degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biology from MIT

•Published two peer-reviewed papers in health informatics

Maitreyee Joshi

•Product Manager (Microsoft, PathAI)

•Software Engineer (Microsoft, Disney Imagineering, Stanford)

•B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University

•Received patent for AI model in 2019

•Wrote award-winning thesis on computer vision for the blind